Our passion is coffee, tea and fresh fruit smoothies.
At Chao, we brew our coffee and tea as you order. Our shops do not use good coffee making machines. We use f***ing high quality espresso machines for that perfect espresso shot! Not just for coffee but for our tea as well. Taste the difference of freshly brewed tea from an espresso machine. No turning back afterwards! From Street to Gourmet, Chao has it all.
Our signature topping or sinkers are chunky and chewy herbal grass jelly made fresh everyday from tea leaves and not gelatin. Rich in antioxidants. Healthy na, masarap pa. Your drinks will no longer just quench your thirst, but your hunger as well! Don’t forget to try our grass jelly snacks that are now proving to be one of our bestsellers.
All main ingredients are flown in from Thailand. For milk tea lovers, come taste the authentic world-renowned Thai Milk Tea at Chao. Served the Thai way; hot, iced or blended.  For regular milk tea, we serve our own special blend of Black Tea with its signature grassy and fresh taste.
In order for you to enjoy every cup, no 3-in-1 synthetic powdered drinks are served at Chao. Nothing but goodness. We serve our drinks with little or no sugar. The option is yours.
Finally, what could be better than enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea, chocolate and smoothies? At Chao, our response would be ‘Serving them for all to enjoy’.
In order to help entrepreneurs in the same industry, we offer periodic training and workshops. Our Chao YouTube channel provides tips, information and techniques relevant for coffee and milk tea shop owners.
We also provide assistance to startups all over the world, via online consultation and workshops. 
We also supply our own blends of black tea, green tea, traditional Thai Coffee and Gourmet Coffee beans along with other supplies, accessories and equipment.
Visit us and be inspired.
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