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I received both the books and they are beautiful! They are a work of art. I love the beautiful pictures and the recipes are very easy to follow with your help in the YouTube videos. Thank you so much for the beautiful books. I just had to write to show my appreciation and respect to you and everything you do. You are the best.

Michelle, USA

Been a fan of Chao channel since her 1K subs. It helped me a lot with my cafe business and gave me a lot of tips and ideas. This channel deserves to grow more since it helps a lot of entrepreneurs aspiring to grow their businesses as well... 🥰

Jean, Philippines

I have enjoyed and made great use of your book. I have been watching and learning from you and your videos for months. I believe that the practices I'm using from you have been helping me to be as successful as I am right now.

Erich, USA

You’re telling me I’ve been buying iced coffee every day when I can just do it differently like this I— thank you🥺 not all heroes wear capes,sometimes they (are) on youtube making coffee🥰


Finally! I go them both ❤️ So happy and satisfied that I bought the books without hesitations 🥺 💖

Marie, Philippines

FIRST! I've been waiting for this and I'm excited to read 'The Basic Barista' book. Riza is one of my online mentors about coffee. The book is printed beautifully.

Esytots, Philippines

Your book is wonderful. Thank you so much.

Donald, Canada

Hi! I did these 5 recipes and oh my.. perfect!!!!!

-Feedback on YouTube video - 5 COLD BREW COFFEE RECIPES - now at 1M+ views!

Cris Borj C
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