Automatic Tapioca Pearl Cooker 5 Liter for 1 KG of Tapioca Pearls (900W)

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Automatic electric pearl boiler, easy to boil, no need to waste time waiting and going through the process.
Do not be afraid of burning pot Increase sales in the store easily.
• Automatically boil tapioca pearls
• No need to wait for people or set time to waste time
• Easy to make Just open the pot, add water, wait to boil, add pearl, close the pot
• 5 liter container can boil 1 kg, add 3 liters of water.
• Takes only 1 hour.
• Easy, convenient
• 900w Power

Comes with an instruction manual.
Vltage : 220V-50Hz.
Rated power : 900W.
Capacity : 5 L.
Weight : 3.8 kg.